Jakode Feeds caters to domestic rabbits and guinea pigs, their owners and breeders.

We have two shops now stocking our Cherished Bunny range of feed.

  • Matamata Vet Services
  • Shilo's Pet Shop (Fielding)

If you are interested in more information about stocking our feeds: Click here http://eepurl.com/cJNcJb

We are keen to hear your feed back and any ideas you may have. If you have concerns we will take you seriously and do everything we can to sort out the problem.

We include only the best quality ingredients, as only the best is what your pets deserve.

Newsletters sent out monthly all about Rabbits and Guinea Pigs

  • Full of care information and tips.
  • Monthly Jakode Feeds specials only available though the newsletters.
  • Highlighting rabbits or guinea pigs available for adoption.
  • Monthly competitions.
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